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Making our school a better place

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Our new school councillors

Here are your new school councillors: James, Jia, Evie, Matthew, Leon, Shayna, Neve, Kush, Fionn, Lilly, Radha and Theo.


James, year 6

I wanted to be a School Councillor so I can see what goes on behind the scenes at school. This year I will represent the wishes of the school, try to make a difference no matter how small and have some fun!


Jia, year 6

I’m hard working and will do my best for the school.  I enjoy school trips and am looking forward to fundraising.


Evie, year 5

I want every child who comes to our school to have the most fun possible.  I plan to speak to my whole class to find out what ideas they have for making the school a better place.


Matthew, year 5

I want to make the school a better place.  I would like to introduce a school tuck shop and to raise money to have more play equipment on the back field.


Leon, year 4

I am looking forward to raising money for charities and would like to organise a collection of sleeping bags and coats for the refugees in Calais.  I would also like to talk about making our swimming pool bigger.


Shayna, year 4

I want to help make the school environment an even better place for the children and staff.  I have spoken with my classmates and already have suggestions for the School Council: a larger swimming pool, more cones for the football pitch, a tennis court and longer break times.  I hope we can all work together to achieve some of the above points.


Neve, year 3

I wanted to be a School Councillor because I want to help people who are sad at school. This year I would like to form good friendship circles right up to year 6.  I would also like to help children eat new healthy foods.  As a group we can support each other to do this.


Kush, year 3

I want to be a School Councillor because I want the school to be a better place for the children.  I also like helping with things in school, like the book fair.


Fionn, year 2

I want to be a School Councillor to make everybody happy.  I would like new football nets. I would also like Mo Farrah to come to the school.


Lilly, year 2

I want to help around the school.  I want to help plant wild flowers and get a slide on the playground.


Radha, year 1


Theo, year 1